Russo-Ukrainian War

Let’s all hope that families and soldiers in Ukraine will be safe from the Russian army and everything will come back to normal.

The Russo-Ukrainian War is a war between Russians and Ukrainian troops. This conflict has been there since 2014 and has been there till now. It all started because Russia didn’t want Ukraine to join NATO. Russia had many problems because of this, they knew that NATO was mostly dominated by Americans, so Russia wanted to show its military power by trying to make Ukraine not join them.  When Ukraine refused, Russia got mad and sent a whole lot of troops to the border of Ukraine to show their strength so Ukraine would not join because of their power. But when Ukraine still refused, Russia called more men to attack Ukraine and forcefully make them not join NATO. But Ukraine wasn’t scared of Russia’s monstrous army they were going to protect their country till the end. The difference between both countries is that Ukraine just wants to protect their country and they have so much motivation that even the citizens have faith that Ukraine will be able to protect itself. But on the other hand, Putin and his whole team want Ukraine to not join but none of the army men or people care about it. The army is only fighting because they were told to. So as you can see their mindsets are different. Surrounding countries are supporting Ukraine by giving them weapons and supplies like food and water to their soldiers and citizens so all of them could survive during this devastating time. So in conclusion Ukraine might be a small country, but its people’s hope might just help it survive Russia’s powerful army. I have all my wishes that the situation in Ukraine will cool down, but from the statute of it right now it is not going to the bright side. Ukraine has its people’s hope but Russia has is a powerful army so, in the end, we will just need to see what happens next.