The Invictus Games!

Started by Prince Harry.


In 2013, Prince Harry went to see the Warrior Games. (Sports hosted by the U.S Army.) He was amazed by how much sports seemed to help them, and he was amazed at how much sports seemed to help servicemen. This inspiration led him to come up with the Invictus Games.

Started by Prince Harry in 2020, the Invictus Games are a national sports competition created to celebrate wounded, sick, or injured servicemen that had fought for their country. To celebrate the fighting spirit of Veterans, ‘Invictus’ means Unconquered. This represents how, despite all they’ve been through, despite any injuries or mental trauma they might’ve faced, they’re never conquered. The name represents persistence and determination, all of which are shown in full force in the games. These games are made to inspire recovery and show that no matter how injured you are, you can still have a purpose, a dream, and most importantly- Play sports!!!

The 2022 Invictus games started on April 16th, in The Hauge, Netherlands. Prince Harry was there to make many heartfelt speeches, along with his wife, Meghan. They were very welcoming towards all competing countries and very empathetic with the soldiers from Ukraine. It looks like it will be an exciting year for the games!