Artemis Fowl


Margaux Deveze, Reporter

Not a long time ago I was telling to one of my friends that Artemis Fowl was a great book and that she should read it. Then my friend told me ”But I don’t really like mythology.”

Well guess what? This is not mythology! Everything that happens in those books happened during the 21th century or maybe Zeus used Amazon, but I’m not sure (If you do discover that he used Amazon, please email me. Thank you).  

 Who is Artemis Fowl ?

Artemis Fowl is the main character of this eight-book series.  He is twelve, he is a young billionaire with exceptional intelligence and is also a criminal (mostly because of his computer hacking past). One day he somehow (I won’t tell you) finds out that there is a world of fairies that lives under us. When I said fairies I mean fairies but not the Tinker Bell kind. Imagine a really intelligent person of the size of a child, armed with really advanced technology, who can be invisible, and who can hypnotize you. But at first, Artemis doesn’t know that these fairies are dangerous and so when he kidnaps one he doesn’t realize that he just started a war. 

What do I think about it?

I read the first six books (yes, I am not done, but you can’t blame my reading speed I still read the fifth book in a week) and until now, this has been the best book series I have ever read. I love the fact that Artemis is kind of criminal, but not so much after all because he basically keeps saving our world or the fairies world, or both. I love this book mostly for its originality and the genius in the writing.

The author Eoin Colfer wrote other books, which also have had great success and you can learn more about Artemis Fowl and its author.

If you want to read any of Artemis Fowl’s books Austin’s libraries have them