The Sport of Swimming: An Interview with Swimmers


The Summer recently started, and consequently, the Summer swimming leagues are about to start. As a result of this, I decided to interview swimmers that I know. Here is an insight into what student swimmers think about swimming. I am also keeping the names of the swimmers anonymous as per their wishes.

Interview #1

Would you say swim practice is taxing for you?

I think that it is tiring, but not necessarily taxing. Swim practice is enjoyable for me.

Do you think swimming helps swimmers learn important traits?

Swimming definitely helps learn perseverance. It takes a lot of practice to get better at it, and you can benefit from the practice in the end.

What do you find particularly unique about swimming?

Swimming does not require running, which a lot of sports have. I don’t really like running so I would say this is preferential for me.

Interview #2

What do you enjoy about this sport?

I’ve been doing it for a long time, so swimming is sort of integrated into my life. I enjoy how it involves a community of people who all do the same thing.

Do you like swimming on a team or do you swim for yourself? 

I swim to improve and also to help my team.

Do you think playing other sports helps you with swimming?

Of course. Playing other sports polishes your physical abilities, so you can become stronger. Swimming also requires a lot of strength.

That being said, do you play any other sports?

I used to play a lot of them, like basketball and soccer, but now I focus on swimming. I also do work out from time to time.

Interview #3

How long have you been swimming for?

7 years almost, but I haven’t swam for quite a bit as a result of the pandemic.

Do you think it’s important to eat well for swimming?

It’s important to eat well for any sport. Good food nourishes the body.

What do you eat on a daily basis?

I eat a lot of protein, eggs, beans, etc. I also make sure to eat vegetables and fruits on a daily basis.

Does swimming require a separate individual practice?

I think the nice thing about swimming is that swimmers have swim practices with their team on a daily basis. I don’t think it’s needed to practice individually after that, especially since it’s not very easy to find a pool that is open at that point in time. I think this is also a nice thing about swimming, you don’t have to take extra time to practice.