7th Grader Wins Virtual Pride Float Contest

On June 21, 2022, Aurora Simmons (7) competed and won a pride parade float contest put on by Macmillan Publishers. Macmillan Publishers donated ten LGBTQIA+ books to the Canyon Vista library.

According to Ms. Bruce, one of the sponsors of the GSA club, this pride parade was organized by Macmillan Publishers. Simmons’ float talked about the Canyon Vista Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA) and brought attention to the LGBTQIA+ community.

“The most rewarding part was knowing that I brought attention to the community and how people are starting to take an interest in being part of the club, as well as bringing more books to the library,” Aurora Simmons (7) said.

Two representatives with Macmillan Publishers came on Oct. 14, 2022, and brought 10 books for the library, as well as stickers and information on how to get free novels through Project Open Books. Among the books donated by Macmillan Publishers were the first five volumes of the graphic novel sensation turned hit Netflix series, “Heartstopper”. Along with “Nothing Ever Happens Here” by Sarah Hagger Holt, “Saturdays With Hitchcock” by Ellen Wittlinger, “Spin With Me” by Ami Polonsky, and “Resist! 35 Profiles of Ordinary People Who Rose Up Against Tyranny and Injustice” by Veronica Chambers.

“My mom was talking to me about something her work was doing for pride month, and I really wanted to join in to help show how we are demonstrating pride month in middle schools for younger people and how we show our support,” Simmons said. “We would go to the pride parade and take pictures and compile them onto a google slide, put all the pictures together, and make it pleasing.”

The donated books are available in the Canyon Vista library for checkout, for more information about the books, visit the online database.