The 39 Steps: Behind the Curtain


Adarsh Aruru

Mr. Jacob Vigil and Mrs. Jennifer Gonzales introducing the audience to the show

From Oct. 20-22 Canyon Vista Theatre performed Patrick Barlow’s adaptation of John Buchan’s novel, “The 39 Steps.” Since day one, the cast has worked really hard on this production. The production received 500-700 visitors over the four performances.

This is Ivan Schere’s (8) third CVMS performance, Shrek: The Musical, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and now The 39 Steps.

“To any aspiring actors out there, always show your face because it is the most interesting part of you, why hide it away!” Schere said.

The 39 Steps poster signed by the cast and crew. (Lucas Janssen)

Before each show, a poster of the production with every signature of the cast and crew was signed, on the first night it sold for $100, the next night it was auctioned off for $160 but the winners rounded it up to $200, on the third showing it was sold for $105, and on the last showing it was $135.

Out of the total 117 auditons only 36 actors were chosen.

“During auditions and callbacks, there was a lot of talent, it was very difficult. I’d say some of the most difficult things that I had to decide when casting this round was, there was a lot of talented 6th graders, and I wanted to give them a fair shot. But I also knew that I did not want to double cast every single role. So I had to choose some 6th graders over 7th and 8th graders.” Mr. Vigil, director, said.

Backstage the cast and crew shared a bond that will last throughout their lives.

“I loved the comradery shared between the members of the cast and crew” Ella Braun (8), who played Sheriff, said.

Every single person helped the scene come to life, even the ensemble.

“I liked the plane scene, because the croutons (ensemble), Ian, and Hannah made it pure humor.” Dhruv Shankar (7), run crew, said.