7th Grade A-B Football Teams win the District Championship


The Canyon Vista Mustangs have just experienced a historic event; The 7th grade A and B Football teams both won the district championship for the first time in this school’s history. In the end, the A-Team had a win-loss record of 6-1 and the B-Team was undefeated. Both have the title of district champions. 

“I think that we deserved it because of our amazing blocking and defense this season and it was just basically a team effort and that’s why we came out on top, ” Drew Davis (7th grade A-team  Quarterback) said. 

This season was an even more special occasion because the B-team went 7-0. The A-Team only lost one game, which was against the Ridgeview Panthers where it was a close game with the final score of 16-22. However, in the rematch, both teams came out on top and crushed the Panthers 38-20.

“This year, we had a tremendous amount of talented athletes. ” Defensive Coordinator, Coach Minty said. “ They were all so dedicated to being the best football team possible.”