2022 Book Fair Held In The Library

Some of the Books sold at the Book fair

From Nov 28th to Dec 2nd, in the CVMS library, a book fair will be held. During this event, students will be able to select from a range of books to buy. These books range from non-fiction to comic books. Pencils, pens, posters and magazines will be sold as well. The library is hoping to collect $950 in donations for the school.

A Book Fair is an event held in your school’s library selling books, pens, pencils, posters, and more. The proceeds will go to funding the school, for things such as renovations, school supplies, planning other school events, or virtually anything that is needed.

Ms. Stiles and Ms. Maddox will be helping kids out with purchasing books until Friday, December 2nd. Until then, make sure to stop by!