Winter Wonderland Social



On Dec. 9, 2022, the first 7th and 8th-grade dance of this year took place. The theme was Winter Wonderland. The social was in the gym and lasted about two hours(4-6 p.m.). The social was sponsored by NJHS (National Junior Honors Society).

 Maya Alas (8), the co-president of the CVMS NJHS chapter, helped plan this year’s winter dance, social, and much more, “ I’m really excited, NJHS is the one in charge of it, and I’m the co-president, so I like help make the posters, the props and all that stuff. ” Alas said.

There were other contests and games students could participate in. Some events were snowball pong, Rudolph nose toss, scavenger hunts, hula hoop toss, candy jar guessing, and candy grams. There were snacks such as pizza, candy, and hot chocolate. The price for entry tickets were five dollars, and tickets for buying snacks and playing games were one dollar each.

“There were many fun activities to partake in at the social.” says Champ Barron (7)

 Don’t be sad if you couldn’t go to this social, because there are two more socials this year. You can expect more activities and fun to come!