7th-grade Girls’ Basketball Team Suffers a Defeat In Both Games

The 7th-grade basketball game with A-team and B-team against the Cedar Valley Jaguars took place on Jan. 9, 2023. 

The first team to play was Canyon Vista’s B-team against Cedar Valley’s B-team. No. 10 from Canyon Vista, Ella Black, claimed the first tipoff of the game. At 6:39, Cedar Valley scored the first point of the game, starting the game at 0-1. Cedar Valley then called a timeout at 6:17 to discuss strategy and then proceeded to score a 2-pointer at 3:33, setting the score 0-3. No. 2, Erin Lott, then scored a free throw at 3:32, scoring the first Canyon Vista point, and setting the score 1-3. At 1:15, CVMS scored a 2-pointer, setting the score 3-3 which tied the game. Right before the end of the 2nd quarter, Cedar Valley scored a 2-pointer, setting the score 3-5. This concluded the first quarter.

Cedar Valley started off the second quarter strong, scoring a 2-pointer at 6:10, setting the score 3-7. In the minutes that followed, both teams were in a heated frenzy – but at 2:40, Canyon Vista scored a 2-pointer bringing the score to 4-7. Soon after that, Canyon Vista scored a free throw which brought the score up to 5-7. At 1:45, Canyon Vista scored a free throw and made a 2-pointer, setting the score to 7-7 and tying the game again. At the last second, Canyon Vista scored a free throw, which set the score to 8-7.

However, Cedar Valley picked up the pace in the third quarter. They made the first point of the third quarter at 6:40, setting the score 8-9 with a 2-pointer. They made another 2-pointer 20 seconds later, setting the score 8-11. Canyon Vista then scored a 2-pointer, setting the score 10-11. After a couple more points earned on either side, No. 12, Myra Kandhari, then proceeded to make a free throw, setting the score 12-12. A couple of free throws and scores later, the score stood at 14-16. In the final moments of the third quarter, No. 15, Peyton Smith, scored a 1-pointer and set the score 15-16; Canyon Vista was just one point behind Cedar Valley. The third quarter concluded.

Canyon Vista started off the game where No. 2, Erin Lott, scored a 2-pointer at 4:37, setting the score 17-16. Around a minute later at 3:47, Cedar Valley scored a 2-pointer, setting the score 17-18. The game was at a standstill for the rest of the final quarter; Canyon Vista’s No. 11, Ava Stidvent, and No. 32, Lila Nicosia, had the opportunity for free throws but missed those. The game ended with the same score that there had been for over 3 minutes – 17-18, a loss for Canyon Vista. The Cedar Valley Jaguars B-team won the basketball game, and thus concluded the fourth quarter and the game – a brutal, head-to-head competition.

“We gave it our 100% and that is what really matters.” B-team’s No. 20, Tanya Pant, said.

The second game between Canyon Vista’s A-Team and Cedar Valley’s A-Team was rough for Canyon Vista. No. 25 of Cedar Valley claimed the tipoff, then soon after scored the first basket of the game, bringing the score 0-2. Cedar Valley soon got a free throw and scored a free throw bringing the score to 0-3. Canyon Vista’s No. 35, Marielle van der Meer, soon scored a 2-pointer at 5:01 and raised the score to 2-3. Canyon Vista’s No. 31, Zettie Miller, then scored two 2-pointers in a row, bringing the score to a 6-3. The coach for the Cedar Valley Jaguars then called a timeout. After this timeout, Cedar Valley soon scored a free throw followed by two 2-pointers in a row, quickly taking the lead again with a score of 6-8. 

Cedar Valley dominated almost the entire second quarter. They scored 12 points before Canyon Vista scored their first and last shot of the quarter – Canyon Vista’s No. 31, Zettie Miller, made a 3-pointer at 1:53, setting the score to 9-18. After that, Cedar Valley scored a 2-pointer and the second quarter concluded with a score of 9-20. Cedar Valley was 11 points ahead of the Canyon Vista A-team.

“I think we did really good in the first half, for sure, but then from there it was kind of like downhill, ‘cause we were, like, really discouraged because they were ahead.” A-Team’s No. 31, Zettie Miller, said.

Canyon Vista didn’t score a single point in the entire third quarter, and Cedar Valley once again dominated the entire quarter. Cedar Valley scored eight points, and the third quarter ended with a score of 9-28. Cedar Valley was 19 points ahead of Canyon Vista.

Canyon Vista and Cedar Valley alternated scoring shots in the fourth quarter. The game started with Canyon Vista’s No. 31, Zettie Miller, scoring a free throw and setting the score 10-28. Cedar Valley then made a 2-pointer. Next, Canyon Vista’s No. 40, Kylie Xu, made a free throw again at 5:30, setting the score 11-30. Cedar Valley then made another 2-pointer. Canyon Vista, No. 35, Marielle van der Meer, made a 2-pointer right after, setting the score to 13-32. Cedar Valley then scored a 3-pointer. Canyon Vista’s No. 11, Evelyn Bell, scored a free throw – one point. Finally, the last shot of the game was a free throw won by No. 11 of Canyon Vista, Evelyn Bell, ending the fourth quarter with a score of 15-35. The Cedar Valley Jaguars beat the Canyon Vista Mustangs A-team by 20 points.

“We’ll probably get, like, second [in the district] I think, but I mean, if Cedar Valley loses like two points, we can get this too.” A-team’s No. 31, Zettie Miller, said.

At the time of publication, the next game is scheduled for Jan. 18, 2023, at 5:30 p.m. at Ridgeview Middle School. More information about tickets and game schedules can be found at the Canyon Vista Athletics webpage.