Canyon Vista gets Silver at 2023 Academic UIL

On Jan. 21, 2023 students from Canyon Vista went to Walsh Middle School to participate in the A+ Academic UIL competition.

A+ Academics includes 20 different events for students in Texas in grades 2-8. These events span the curriculum of classes taught at the grade level of the competitor but also expand beyond the classes, providing a well-rounded competition. For each UIL event, students signed up at the beginning of the year and from there, the UIL practice meetings acted as a sort of practice led by a teacher. The first round of the UIL was the in-school qualifying round for each event to decide the teams of three from each grade level that would go to the District meet.

In A+ Academics, the final stage of UIL culminates in the District meet – this year, there were eleven middle schools participating in the district meet: Walsh, Canyon Vista, CD Fulkes, Chisholm Trail, Cedar Valley, Deerpark, Grisham, Hernandez, Hopewell, Pearson Ranch, and Ridgeview.

From there, students went on Jan. 21 to participate in UIL. This year, Canyon Vista did extremely well in the Academic UIL. Canyon Vista took home second place in the Sweepstakes, which is the overall place of schools.

“It feels good because out of so many other people, I won first place and I represented the school, and I feel good about that.” Vihaan Santosh (6), the winner for Maps, Graphs, and Charts for sixth grade said.

Canyon Vista sixth-graders received four gold medals, five silver medals, two bronze medals, three fourth-place medals, one fifth-place medal, and one sixth-place medal. Canyon Vista seventh-graders received four gold medals, two silver medals, four bronze medals, two fourth-place medals, two fifth-place medals, and three sixth-place medals. Canyon Vista eighth-graders received three gold medals, one bronze medal, three fourth-place medals, two fifth-place medals, and four sixth-place medals. In total, Canyon Vista students received 46 medals. 

“It was really good! I did it last year and I got second place, but I beat the girl who got first place last year so that was fun.” Rika Vichare (8), the winner of Listening Skills for eighth grade said. “It was just a lot of practice when I went to the practices.”

Canyon Vista did exceptionally well this year. The next A+ Academic UIL will be held next year, in which incoming sixth graders, current sixth graders, and current seventh graders can participate. The full breakdown of this year’s standings at UIL can be found here.