Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday filled with candy, gifts, and lots of love, and we’ve always celebrated it without a thought, but do we know the history, and why we value it so much? Valentine’s day also has different names such as: Saint Valentine’s Day, and The Feast of Saint Valentine.

This lovely holiday was named after Saint Valentine, who was a third-century Roman saint, commemorated on February 14th (hence the date), and in Eastern Orthodoxy July sixth. There is a legend that people say could potentially be the reason this day is celebrated with love. Valentine might have signed a letter to his jailer’s daughter, with whom he had fallen in love, “From your Valentine.” this is why we give cards.

There is an important Greek god who is brought up with legends of shooting couples with his bow and arrow to make them fall in love, cupid. The son of Mercury was a messenger for the gods, and Venus, the goddess of love. But what did our marksman have to do with Saint Valentine? Some believe cupid struck Valentine and his jailer’s daughter to make them fall in love, and others just believe he’s a myth with nothing to do with Valentine.

 People celebrate Valentine’s Day all over the world in so many different ways. For example, in England, children sing songs, and little crooners (singers) in return get candy, fruits, and plum shuttles. In France, they stick to traditions that we see through here in the U.S. In Germany, they exchange pig-shaped gifts, because the pig symbolizes love and lust, as well as exchanging chocolates and stuffed animals.

We give cards, roses, candy, chocolate, toys, stuffed bears, and so much more. There are even 250 million roses grown for valentines day each year. So with all of these options and all of these roses, make sure to purchase some for your loved ones, happy Valentines Day!