Power Outage Interrupt Classes at Canyon Vista

On Friday, February 10, Monday, February 13th, and Thursday, February 16th, there were power outages throughout the whole school. On the 10th the school’s power went out during sixth period at 1:10 pm, and on Monday the power went out during seventh grade lunch/advisory around 12:35 for around 20 minutes.

The first power outage on Friday stopped all after school activities including the Valentine’s Day social, students who bought tickets had to give tickets to their seventh period teachers until the day of the rescheduled social.

“The first one (challenge) is always gonna be safety,” Principal Hagerty said “ just from a safety perspective, it’s not a good situation to have kids in a classroom  where it’s really really dark, so we wanna make sure we get them to a space where everybody can see each other as best as you can.

Teachers had to quickly get all students out of school safely at the end of the day on Friday whereas on Monday the power outage only lasted for about 25-30 minutes.The school’s electricity provider, The PEC (Pedernales Electric Cooperative) r let all their clients know about how the power would’ve been out for thirty minutes, but did not notify the school.  

“I didn’t expect it [the power] would be out that long,” Ms. Galvan said. “After it was out for like an hour, we were like, well this is it. That point we were assuming the worst, but initially, I was assuming it would come right back on.”

As of now no other power outages have occurred, although the school has experienced some minor flickering of lights and then some.