Upcoming Sixth Graders Get A Tour Around The School

The Dance performance at the Mustang Express Pep rally

Mustang Express is an event that welcomes the arrival of our next year 6th graders, and it allows the current 5th grade students to look around the school. The feeder schools came to CVMS on April 4-6 and April 10, 2023.

“Mustang Express is when we invite our fifth graders to come into our school to help our incoming future sixth graders to get familiar with the school and our office, our staff and the hallways,” Administrative Assistant Ms. Dalia Granados said.

Sixth grade volunteers were taken out of their second, third, and fourth periods, they were split into groups and each group was given an itinerary to do – they either did a scavenger hunt to look for places in the school or a Q&A where they asked Miss Hagerty some questions. Then, some sixth graders answered the questions.

“I feel like if you have someone that’s dedicated to making sure that you have a good first impression of the school, you would have a lot more fun,” Aashna Bhattarai (6) said.

After this, the fifth graders were then taken to eat lunch; soon after they were taken to a pep rally to end the day. This pep rally features performances from the cheerleaders, orchestra, choir, band, dance and games such as red light green light.

“I would say that we do it [Mustang Express] to prove that we are not a study, study, study school. As you said, we are also fun and joyful and we enjoy each other’s company – and we have sports and many other teachers that rock. Canyon Vista rocks,” Ms. Granados said.