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Fin-tastic Fishing Club

What is Fishing Club
Grayson Thomas Coats
Fishing Club Graphic

We are hooked on the new club in town, Fishing Club founded this year by Ms. Morgan, 6th math the sponsor, and Noah Hwang a 7th Grader Who founded the club along with Ms. Morgan.

“ Noah has been asking for this club for about a year and a half. So when he came to me this year he had a pretty good plan.” Ms.Morgan said. “ We would learn  about all things fishing on Thursday and sometimes on Saturdays we would go out to a lake to go fishing.” 

The Focus of the club is honing the skills of the fisher as well as teaching the fundamentals of fishing, like how to tie a knot, how to cast, and how to reel in your catch.

“Me and my mom both like fishing, so recently over the summer we went to Lake Tahoe and went trout fishing,” Noah Hwang said. “then we went to like Brushy Creek and Georgetown and Lake Pflugerville too. That was really fun, then we tried fishing in the canyon but the water level was way too low.” 

Students cast reels in the 6th-grade hall and try to make it in a bucket on either side of the hallway. As to practice for the real deal when they go out to a lake every 4 weeks or so on Saturdays

“I had no experience fishing before I joined the club, but now I do. It’s pretty fun to cast out the line and actually make it in the bin,” Harlan House said. “ but my favorite part has got to be the gummy frogs.”

For a large portion of the club, they tie knots, learn new ones, and ‘de-bait’  which one is best. Knots are crucial to fishing because if they come undone not only do you lose your bait but the fish will get away as well.

“The one I use most is probably the polymer knot or the fisherman’s knot,” Noah Hwang said. “they’re easy to tie and they don’t come undone,”

Noah and Ms. Morgan have both loved fishing for a while now and had talked about starting the club since last year when she was his math teacher, now they spread their love of fishing to everyone.

“It’s a comfortable environment where we help each other out, we learn knots, and enjoy the sport of fishing,” Noah Hwang said.

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