A Book Review: Alex & Eliza


Keana Saberi, Reporter

The year; 1777. The place; Albany, New York. For all those Hamilton fans, this one’s for you.  

Alex and Eliza: A Love Story charts the early, sparking relationship of General Washington’s right hand man and first Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton and his wife the incredibly witty Elizabeth Schuyler, daughter of prominent figurehead, Philip Schuyler. This novel swirls the history of the early American Republic with the romance of two young hearts.

Alexander Hamilton ( 1755 or 1757- 1804) known as one of the founding fathers of the American Republic began his life in the sugar stocked land of Nevis and as a young child in the Caribbean faced illegitimacy , destitution, riddling illness, the death of his loving mother,the abandonment of his father, and the horrendous hurricane of 1772.  Even throughout his youthful trials and tribulations, Alexander wrote his way out of  his terrible beginnings and studied under the wings of several mentors after writing a stark, moving essay about the hurricane that destroyed Nevis and eventually found passage on a ship New York bound.  

He attended Columbia University and was later the aid de camp of General Washington and managed the general’s correspondence. During this time he makes acquaintance with one of Albany’s finest: Elizabeth Schuyler and her lovely sisters. Though things began awfully rocky between the two, Eliza and Alex become devoted to each other and fell madly in love. But things were not as wanted, Eliza became betrothed to a  prominent, elite member of society, a eligible young bachelor from good breeding. Due to her family’s descending wealth, Eliza must marry the pompous young man in order to rescue her parents from the jaws of poverty. Though Alexander was a notable asset under Washington, he had barely but a penny to his name and was not a great match for a Schuyler sister.   

Elizabeth Schuyler (later Schuyler Hamilton) ( 1757- 1854) was the second to oldest daughter of major general and socialite, Philip Schuyler and his wife Catherine Van Rensselaer. Along with her sisters Angelica and Peggy, the three were the most desirable ladies of Albany society with factors such as their obvious beauties and their sharp knacks for wit. Eliza had more elegance and beauty than both Angelica and Peggy and quite a keen amount of pure intelligence. She grew up in a life of luxury yet never resisted the urge to help those in need. She was by far the most sensible of the Schuyler trio and was greatly amiable.

However, throughout the young couple’s  struggles and with heavy persuasion and great acts of love, Philip Schuyler grants the matrimony between the poor colonel and his beautiful and cleverest daughter. The live happily ever after… well until sometime later.

This lovely romance transports history into the present, revealing the early beginnings of one of Post revolution America’s most crucial power couples. This book captivates the audience, reveling history within the reigns of love.