Language Electives


Austin Nguyen, Reporter

I remember when I was in fifth grade when we first got our elective sheets. I remember just looking at it and seeing all the choices we had. At that time, I didn’t think that there were a lot; We had art, theater, choir, band, and orchestra. Choosing from one of those electives were a bit hard because if you didn’t really like any, you were stuck. But now, the school recently implemented that sixth graders are able to choose a language as their electives.

Currently, students in sixth grade have the chance to choose Chinese, French, German, and Spanish. These are things that sixth graders could do this year that seventh graders couldn’t. Before, you had to be in seventh grade to take a language, but now, you can in sixth. This is a very big deal, because now that the sixth graders get to start ahead on their course, this leaves many others from the higher grades.

Not only do they get a head start, but they also have more choices for an elective. Remember the example earlier? Now, people can choose other options they would not have had before, making more variety for students and their electives. I think this really is a smart move, because giving people more options will make the whole school better as a whole. Also, the students have opportunities to do different things.

We asked a sixth grader what he thinks about the change.”It’s good because at the end of school, I can get credits, but I don’t think it’s fair for 7th graders because they didn’t get the chance to take a language, but we do. I enjoy my electives, and the teachers are nice,” Amish Khowaja (6) said.


But what do you guys think? Was this a Smart move by RRISD, or is this unfair?