Westwood Interview With Megan Purcell


Jack Purcell, Reporter

Q-What is the main difference from middle school to high school?

A-“You have a lot more opportunities to pursue your interests through classes and clubs.”

Q-Is Westwood a good school to go to for education?

A-“Yes, there is a big focus on academic achievement.”

Q-How much more work is there than Canyon Vista?

A-“You will get a lot more work, but because of the block schedule it is divided up.” 

Q-Are you in any clubs currently?

A-“Yes, I am the president of Fencing club, a member of Drama club, and I am an Academy Ambassador.” 

Q-Because you are in your senior year, do you have any plans for the future?

A-“Currently I’m working on my collage applications for both, in and out of Texas. I’m planning on majoring in Technical Theatre.”

Q-What electives are you taking, and what electives have you thought about taking?

A-“Since i’m in The Visual and Performing Arts Academy, I am currently taking directing and Costume design and have been taking Theatre classes the past 4 years. Additionally I am in my 4th year of American Sign Language. There are a lot of classes that I have been interested in taking but I haven’t fit them in my schedule. Such as, Nutrition and Leadership.”

Q-Was it difficult to get used to freshman year?

A-“Yes because of the block schedule, you only have four classes a day but they’re much longer.”

Q-What is a big struggle you have noticed about Westwood?

A-“It can be difficult to complete all you’re work while still participating in Extracurricular activities, so you have to manage your time wisely.”

Q-Would you say you have more freedom in Westwood than Canyon Vista?

A-“Yes because, there are a lot more opportunities class wise, but there are other things like off-blocks and going off campus for lunch that are available to seniors.”