“Baby Driver” Movie Review

Austin Nguyen, Reporter

Baby is jamming out to music, casually waiting for the robbery to end. He stays in sync with his music from his iPod, and finally sees his crew run off. He waits for the right moment, and starts his car, running into everything he can to reach his destination. The police start chasing him, but he dodges them, leading them to one place to another. He finally reaches his destination, where the robbers switch cars, and start speeding off. Baby Driver starts off fast, but really treats the viewer with fantastic cinematography, great music, and good acting.

To begin, I love action movies, specifically ones with car chases. The thrill of seeing things the two cars go head to head really make things look cool, especially when there is a deeper meaning to everything. I going to be honest: When I first saw the trailer for Baby Driver, nothing really stuck out. But after seeing all the reviews and re watching it, I thought “Why not give this a try?”

The movie is fantastic, giving clues and hidden references everywhere, while still keeping the same humor and style that we all know from action movies. The movie itself is very fast paced, wile giving viewers a clear description of what is going on. This is good because some movies go too fast, making the viewer have some missing information, and not understanding the movie fully. Along with the charming story, the actors do an amazing job of portraying the characters that the director wanted.

The movie is about Baby, a getaway driver that uses his music to preform dangerous stunts to get the money to their base. He is phenomenal at driving, making him a key leader in a heist, but not everyone likes him. While he is phrased by his boss, he still wants to be a free man and enjoy his life. He later meets the love of his life, Deborah, and makes the final commitment to go travel with her to paradise.

When he starts, he soon finds out that his boss is not happy with him leaving, and forcing Baby to keep on driving for them. He has to follow on, drifting their love apart. He later goes on a heist that is set to fail, and must flee for his life to survive. From murders, to the police hunting him down, he sets off to try to find a happy place with Deborah.

Many actors in this movie are widely known, like Jamie Fox, who is in Rio, Annie, and had his own TV show. Jon Hamm, is widely known for baing in the show Mad Men, while Kevin Spacey is known to be in House of Cards. Others, like Ansel Elgort, the main character, is in all of the Divergent movies, The Fault in Our Stars, and Carrie. Lily James, the love lady, is in Cinderella, and Downton Abby.

As you can see, the lineup is fantastic, making this movie really stand out. Along with the acting, the director is Edgar Wright, who has co-written Ant-Man, co-written The Adventures of Tintin, two movies that have had phenomenal ratings. He is widely known to make his movie a bit exaggerated, because he feels like movies are always supposed to be a bit fictional and crazy. But watching the entire movie really shows the amazing cinematography and acting, which makes this a solid movie in my book.

Baby Driver is currently out on DVD and Digital HD.