Gabrielle Douglas’s Biography

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Gabrielle Douglas’s Biography

Alexia Clamou, Reporter

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Grace, Gold and Glory is Gabrielle Douglas’s biography. She is a Gold Medalist Olympian from the 2012 Olympics in London. She won multiple medals in the Olympics including the Team Gold for the United States and the all-around individual.

She has been through a lot in her life. She has experienced hunger, and not having a house to live in, but that is a whole other story. Let’s start from the beginning.

Gabrielle was born on Dec. 31,1995,  in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She is currently 21 years old. She has three siblings: Arielle the oldest , Joyelle aka Joy and John.

When her mom gave birth to Gabrielle things got a little complicated. Her mom was about to die because she had lost a lot of blood during the birth process. She recovered little by little but not all of the problems were solved.

Gabby’s family dealt with a lot of economical problems and her dad could not always have a stable job. Her father would work at jobs that would not bring  enough money to feed six people. Her parents eventually divorced, and her dad joined the army, so Gabby lived with her mom and her siblings.

Her mom started working so they were able to live in little apartment.As their income grew bigger they were able to go to school and join after school activities. When they were in their front yard after getting a little house near Virginia, Gabby started doing cartwheels and flips. All of her siblings told their mom she should start going to gymnastics class  And from that day on she has went to gym class almost every day, until she got to the Olympics. She worked very hard to achieve her dreams.

If you have a dream follow it until you achieve it because dreams do happen!