Myanmar Ethnic Cleansing


Keshav Laxminarasimhan, Reporter

As you may or may not know there was an ethnic cleansing in Myanmar a couple weeks ago. If you don’t know what an ethnic cleansing is I’ll explain. An ethnic cleansing is the mass expulsion or killing of members of an unwanted ethnic or religious group in a society. It recently happened in Myanmar, and it was when the other ethnicity didn’t want Rohingya Muslims around anymore. So Myanmar’s military killed/drove out about 600,000 Muslims out of Myanmar. That’s the biggest ethnic cleansing since the Bosnian genocide.

Of course the United Nations had to stop it,if they didn’t there could’ve been a war. This all started when World War II started. The other ethnicity supported Japan while on the other hand, the Muslims supported the British. Later this got more personal and the Buddhists denied the Muslims of their normal unalienable rights. Now there was finally a clash between the two races. For the UN they think the main reason this happened is because of military dictatorship. As some of you may know Myanmar is ruled by the military therefor making them a military dictatorship country, which is not necessarily a good thing. Most military dictatorship countries are very isolated as in they don’t trade very much and they don’t have very harsh punishments if you do something wrong.

Concluding this I would like to say prayers to Myanmar as they experienced something beyond anything we probably have.