Winter Olympics Facts You May Not Know


Sharanya Karanam, Reporter

  1.  In 1976 Denver won the winter Olympics but declined the offer.
  2. Figure skating and ice hockey were originally part of the Summer Olympics.
  3. The Lack of Snow in some areas caused military intervention.
  4. In 1948 two men’s hockey teams went to the Winter Olympics.
  5. Only one person won a gold medal in both Summer and Winter Olympics.
  6. the Olympics were started in Greece.
  7. The Winter Games were not introduced until 1924.
  8. Norway has the most gold awards from the Winter Olympics than any other country.
  9. The five rings represent all the main regions of the world.
  10. The 1968 Winter Olympics was the first to be shown in color.
  11. For the 2018 Winter Olympics, a special train was designed to take passengers to the event faster than the original train which usually takes 2.5 hours.
  12. There were only 16 teams at the first official Winter Olympics.
  13. The first official Winter Olympics was held in Chamonix, France.
  14. People in the North have an advantage since it is actually wintering up in the North and they can practice more.
  15. The Winter Olympics is held every four years than it was last held.
  16. No countries in the Southern Hemisphere has hosted the Winter Olympics.
  17. The Sochi Games are the most expensive games yet.
  18. The first Winter Olympic champion was Charles Jewtraw(USA) in 500-meter speed skating event.
  19. both the summer and winter Olympics were hosted in the same year until 1994.
  20. Shaun White is the richest Winter Olympian athlete with a net worth of  20 million.
  21. The Sochi Games have been the warmest place to host the Olympics yet.
  22. There are now 98 teams participating in the Winter Olympics.
  23. The official mascots of the Winter Olympics incle a polar bear, European Hare and an Amur leopard
  24. The United States has been the only country able to win a gold medal at every Winter Olympics held.