Mustang Profile: Mrs. Hagerty

Photo by Robb Costello
Photo by Robb Costello
Mrs. Hagerty as Drill Team Captain with her Drill Team Director and mentor, Nica Carter. Photo from personal collection
Mrs. Hagerty as Drill Team Captain with her Drill Team Director and mentor, Nica Carter. Photo from personal collection

When returning from summer break, you may have noticed some changes around the school. One of those changes is that we have a new “Commander-in-chief,” who is already leading her troops to victory. Her name is Mrs. Hagerty.

Hagerty grew up in Weatherford, Texas, on her family’s five acres of land. She spent a lot of time outdoors underneath the shade of the many oak trees. Before coming to Canyon Vista, she worked at Hopewell Middle School and Cedar Valley Middle School. She has been at Canyon Vista for the past eight years.

When asked which people had really impacted her life, she said, “My parents, of course, because of the values they instilled in me.” She was also inspired by her high school Drill Team Director Nica Carter, whom she is still friends with to this day. Carter appointed Hagerty the Drill Team Captain. “I thank her for seeing something in me, and fueling my sense of leadership.”

Another one of her role models is Mrs. Paris, the former CVMS Principal. Hagerty said, “When I was under her as Assistant Principal I watched her every day, the way she supported teachers and communicated well with others. The most important thing I learned from Mrs. Paris was a quote she always used to say: ‘Where a living organism is either growing or dying, there is no status quo.’ Mrs. Paris always kept the school changing and improving, and I want to do the same.” The two most important things Hagerty says she learned as Assistant Principal is that every decision always comes down to what is best for the students and that everyone, not just kids, needs support. She says her favorite part of her job are the people, students and teachers alike.  The ideal school environment she envisions is one where everyone is excited to learn, engaged in class, and learning as much as possible.

Of course, with a new Principal will come some changes and improvements. Hagerty has helped create a new traffic system that is much safer for students. Also, she wants to get more involved with technology. “We need to do a better job of incorporating technology in classes,” she remarks. “We are taking into consideration being a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) campus next year.”

Many aspects of the school will remain the same. Bullying will not be tolerated at all, just like before. Like Paris, Hagerty strongly believes that every student should feel safe and comfortable in school. She also wants to continue communicating well with parents as they deserve to know what is going on in their child’s school. And, like last year, she wants to be available to everyone at all times. “My door is always open.”

If Hagerty could improve one thing in the U.S. school system, she would want kids to have more opportunities to do whatever job they desire after finishing school. “Kids should be provided with more opportunities and information so that when they are in college they don’t face roadblocks they can’t overcome. ”

Hagerty believes CVMS has a great reputation because “we truly are a world class school. This is a place where differences in people are celebrated and everyone is comfortable. Also the test scores are consistently high, which shows that learning is occurring.”

Hagerty feels that the best things a teacher or student can do are, like Paris used to say, “Show up. Pay attention. Make a contribution.” Making a contribution is especially important to her. “Participation in class and in your community is awesome. I strongly agree with a quote Bill Gates once said: ‘To whom much is given, much is expected.’ The students of CVMS are very fortunate to attend such a wonderful school, so we expect great things from them.”

Principal Hagerty’s message to the students of CVMS is this,“I’m looking forward to a wonderful year. I’m here to support you, and I will always make decisions with your best interest in mind. Let’s see what new heights we can reach together.”