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Snow Day Photos

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Snow Day Photos

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Last Friday, it snowed, quite a surprise for December in Texas! Our Canyon Echoes photographers went out to capture it before it all melted!

About the Contributors
Zack Catuogno, Reporter

Zack is an 8th grader that appreciates and enjoys almost nothing, with the exception of art, music, and reptiles.

Ruth Martin, Reporter

Ruth is an all around good person. She has been swimming since she was eight and loves drawing. She likes photography and writes a lot. She enjoys travelling...

Erith Won, Reporter

Erith is an avid, enthusiastic eighth grader who lives on K-pop and Manga and loves to watch hilariously nonsensical movies. She spends her days listening...

Lucy Wassmuth, Reporter

Lucy is an outgoing, funny, and caring seventh grader. She is a Broadway addict and professional procrastinator.  When she grows up she wants to be an...

Rachel Iyer, Reporter

Rachel loves to taking pictures and editing videos. She enjoys spending time with friends and giving her opinion on everything.

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