Qualities of an Effective Teacher

Graphic created by Sanika on tagxedo.com
Graphic created by Sanika on tagxedo.com

Teachers have the ability to make a big impact. However, the impression left on students relies on a few attributes that any effective teacher must have. Being a teacher is much more than just being nice. Kindness alone won’t make a true impact on the life of a student. But kindness, along with other characteristics, certainly will.

Although it is definitely important for a student to treat a teacher with respect, it is equally important for a teacher to regard all students respectfully. Teachers should be understanding of a student’s learning pattern, and never get frustrated over repeated questions. They should also remember to be respectful when disciplining a student, and to be sure to take into account why they did what they did. Overall, a teacher who is respectful to students will end up getting more respect from students.

This attribute seems extremely obvious, but is actually something very hard to do. Teachers must be creative and make lessons fun and hands-on. Reading from a textbook just doesn’t work, and other more interactive activities will increase student interest in the subject. A teacher who is funny, sarcastic, and makes lessons fun and imaginative is generally a favorite.

This is probably the most essential characteristic of a teacher. A teacher should be involved in their job, meaning they should get grades in on time, be available as much as possible to help students, and most importantly, enjoy their job. They also need to be involved in the lives of students. They should take an interest in students’ hobbies and talk to them about those things as well as studies. This shows that a teacher is a very caring person, and students will in turn, be more open to them.

Most teachers at Canyon Vista have mastered the art of effective teaching, and this week we thank them for the impact they make on our lives.