The Water Bottle Refill Station

The new station located downstairs near the gym. Photo by Flora He
The new station located downstairs near the gym. Photo by Flora He

Last year, as Canyon Vista Student Council was discussing 8th grade graduation gifts for the school, an idea popped into their heads. A water bottle refill station. While water bottle fillers may not seem like much, they allow students to have access to filtered water, and they also reduce the number of plastic water bottles used.

Students are often faced with the dilemma of never having their water bottles filled to the maximum. With the bottle tilted at such an angle it is very difficult to fill, especially for long jugs. When the bottle is tilted, liquid will always come out the other side of the opening as long as water is reaching the top. But when the bottle is turned right side up, there is still an inch of empty space left towards the top. The water bottle filler, however, solves this problem. While the H2O enters, the container is standing straight up. Therefore, it leaves the bottle with a full water bottle flooded with liquid.

Many students are cautious of the dangers of the spout as well. Most know the spout of the water fountain can be moldy and grimy. Other students may also accidentally touch their lips to the spout and contaminate the fountain. Again, the water bottle refill station solves all these conflicts. As one places a canteen under the station, the water automatically starts flowing with its no-touch sensor. No hands are needed, keeping the station sanitary and appealing.

As many people know, pollution and littering are catastrophic dilemmas. Pollution causes the air to become less sanitary. One of the most littered trash found on the streets are plastic bottles. The nifty feature of the water bottle refill station is the number on the screen at the top right of the station. This number reveals how many plastic bottles have been reduced using the new filler. This way, our school will be saving the ecosystem one bottle at a time.

The water bottle refill station is a very convenient tool and is a beneficial factor for our school. It’s a very efficient way to help stop the spreading of sicknesses. It also proves to be an extremely helpful machine with its special no-touch sensor. Located right outside the hall of the gym, it’s a great gadget that everyone should utilize.