Endangered Species

Endangered  Species

In the past humans have done some terrible things to the environment like cutting down our trees and polluting the water. In my opinion, the worst thing that humans have done is the extinction of innocent animals. We as humans have caused many animals to become endangered and even extinct. Although we have done some terrible things we also helped with this problem. There are also many ways you can help with the problem too. The problem with extinction is that it is a big problem and not many people understand how bad the outcomes can be.

What is extinction? The formal definition of extinction is a species, family, or other larger group having no living members.can you imagine having a whole entire species wiped out? Another key factor is endangerment. Endangerment doesn’t mean that the animals are extinct but are close to becoming wiped out. Extinction and Endangerment are problems in the world. They affect us every day; with an animal becoming extinct the whole food web could be wiped out. Extinction usually happens because of a big bang or humans not being careful. If people stopped and thought about who this might affect the world would be better.

When you hear the word extinct you probably think of the dinosaurs but you may not know that there have been many other animals who became extinct. One animal that many people don’t know about is the dodo bird. The dodo bird was a bird that was widely hunted just for fun. Humans eventually became obsessed and hunted them every chance they got. Eventually, the dodo birds became extinct due to mass hunting. Another animal that became extinct was the Yangtze Dolphin. It has become extinct in 2007 due to overfishing of their main food source. If humans stopped and thought about how what they were doing might be wrong for the environment.

Although people have done some terrible things we also have done things to help. Grizzly bears were on the endangered list and they were close to extinct. If they had no human help there wouldn’t be any more grizzly bears. Bumblebees become close to extinct too. Bumblebees help everyone in multiple ways like pollinate flowers, give humans honey and they are responsible for 30 million in crops. If the bees become extinct all of our food chains will crumble due to no pollination of our plants. All of these facts seem to be devastating but you can help. Don’t waste water is a big rule. Don’t use your car so much. Cars make a lot of pollution which can harm many animals and if you walk to work you get exercise. It’s mutualism. You can almost compost and recycle everything nowadays, there is no reason to keep that smelly junky trashcan around the house. Everyone can do a little to help the environment with small things.

Can you imagine having a whole entire species wiped out just because you weren’t careful? Unfortunately, this happens a lot. So many innocent animals who haven’t even talked to us were killed. Imagine if the world was flipped and enormous animals just started to kill us for no reason. Animals are living in fear of losing their lives any minute because of us. Everyone can help in their own way and it is important to save the environment.