The Nutcracker: A Winter Tradition

Keana Saberi, Reporter

A melodic mix of beautifully vivid and articulated dance merged with a symphonic set of music, Ballet Austin’s rendition of the ‘The Nutcracker’ is a tradition that has sustained nearly 55 years on the stage. The mid-December tradition is shared with children and adults alike. Everyone can enjoy the glittering costumes, the delicately choreographed dances that are perfect pictures of elegance and intricacy.The story that practically everyone knows, how after receiving a wooden nutcracker from a family friend Clara Silberhaus is emerged in the idyllic, snow covered land of the Sugar Plum Fairy and all its eclectic inhabitants when late in the night, her Nutcracker along with several other dolls come to life. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s masterful score adds a whole extra layer of drama and intrigue and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats at every moment.

With over a average of 200 dancers in the production and many contrasting set drops, it’s no wonder the show has always broken the predetermined boundaries.The entire production is grand and with good reason. After its 55 year standing, it has truly become a pivotal and crucial  part of of the Winter society here in Austin.

Since 1977, Ballet Austin has honored residents of Austin by picking one of the highest of Austin’s inhabitants and  allowing them to play the role of Mother Ginger in the second act of ‘The Nutcracker’. The role is known for picking the most esteemed Austinite, a beneficial and crucial aspect in the community to play the eccentric and pompously funny Mother Ginger. A few of the people who have been known to play Mother Ginger in years past include Michael Dell and former governor of Texas Ann Richards both who were contributors to Austin society. Local VIPS and  community celebrities  alike are are respected with this gracious honor.

From its long running history to its unprecendented dances full of beauty and grace, Ballet Austin’s ‘The Nutcracker’ is truly the social event of the season.

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