Book Review: When

Book Review: When

Margaux Deveze, Reporter

Spoiler Alert: We all eventually die.

When, is a question asked by many usually its answer is harmless but some question should just not be asked. Victoria Laurie the author of When wrote a book who subject is death. Many people do not talk about it but some people have to. Maddie Fynn can see death dates. They just appear like that on top of people’s head. People come to her as a last hope to save their relatives.

But Maddie only knows when but the how is unknown. Soon after a terrible revelation, Maddie gets involved in a homicide. And soon accusations are everywhere and Maddie cannot deal anymore with everything around her all because of when. She now has to prove her power to save everything she ever had.

This book is very realistic in how the characters act, think, and live. Which makes this book very interesting in how its author turned a very fictional book into a realistic fiction one. Maddie Fynn is one of the most described and challenging characters in her personality.

She is in the book a very closed person which reflects sadness, guilt, and confusion that she could have had in the past. Other characters in the book also may or may not have difficult past, which impacts their decision and action. With a very surprising end When should be your next book.

So next time you are looking for a great book to read ask your librarian for When!