Taylor Swift’s 1989

In the last decade, Taylor Swift has become more and more popular and her style of music has changed throughout the years.  From the guitar-playing country girl to a pop sensation, her recent album, 1989, has reached number one on the Billboard 200 and has sold 1,287,000 copies so far.  This album has sold the most copies within a week since 2002, and has become the best selling album of 2014.  Taylor Swift also is the first artist to have three albums sell a million or more copies in a week.

“1989”, her first pop album, was titled from her birth year, and inspired by classic 80’s music.  Throughout all thirteen songs, Taylor Swift manages to balance different genre styles and emotions. Critics such as The Rolling Stone remarked: “Deeply weird, feverishly emotional, wildly enthusiastic, 1989 sounds exactly like Taylor Swift, even when it sounds like nothing she’s ever tried before.”  Although the sentimental country style will be missed,Taylor Swift has turned over a new leaf and released songs like “Shake It Off,” which is a complete change in style than the country songs she sang over a decade ago.

Many of our mustangs are avid music fans as well. “I love Taylor Swift’s new album, 1989.  All the songs are really catchy and fun to sing along too.  It’s a new sound for her and she pulled it off really well.” said 8th grader Kavya R. However some believe that Swift’s new album is too much like other chart topping hits. “It’s catchy but not unique anymore.” 8th grader Annika S. added.

This is a whole new experience for Swift, and it has been met with overall remarkably positive reviews.A few of the songs from the album have become hits around the globe. She has left her mark in music history with “1989”.