Study Tips

These are some materials most students suggested to use. Photo by Flora He
These are some materials most students suggested to use. Photo by Flora He

For many students, tests are excessively stressful and nerve-racking, especially with midterms coming up. These major grades are considerably weighted on one’s grades, and students are always getting pressured to do their best. But how? I asked a few students how they get ready to take tests, and what they recommend for other mustangs.

Flashcards are an easy and efficient way to study for upcoming tests. As an 8th grader Gauri P says, “I make lots of flashcards and look through the textbook. I also compile my notes together and read through them.” On top of this, some students even highlight the information on the flashcards to narrow down the most important information. Stephen Shuie, 8th grader revealed, “I highlighted the important information and made flashcards for the vocabulary.”

Others like to go back and review their old material. Sara Miranda, an 8th grader, says, “I basically just read through the textbook.” The textbook may seem like a burden to go through, but there are  important details and information hidden in there.

Procrastination, or pushing back the time you study, can lead to consequences such as no studying at all. Said Shreya Gupta, “Well, you should avoid procrastination and you shouldn’t cram everything the night before. Also, don’t procrastinate. I may be a hypocrite saying this but it’s true.” Even though it’s extremely hard to make studying your first priority, doing this would allow for more time to review.

Health is an important factor to assure you are in the right mood to take an exam. Helena Afshar agrees. She says, “Study. Get a good nights sleep and you should be good to go.”         

Midterms mainly focus on the information provided in previous test reviews. Going over test reviews provide key information that is most likely on the midterm will definitely help.  Erika Yao said, “I just basically read through the test review the teachers provide us.” Also, having someone quiz you over the material in the exam will ensure that you thoroughly understand the information. As Bailey Barlow’s advice states, “I just grab a friend or sibling and have them help me study. I also go over the previous reviews from other units that we’ve learned.”

There are several ways you can get ready and study for the scary exams most students are terrified of. Going over review sheets, highlighting important material, and asking a friend or family member to quiz you are helpful methods to memorize information. Be sure to use these tips in order to ace the approaching midterms.