Brain Drain -The Hardest Classes

Keshav Laxminarasimhan, Reporter

 There are many things that happen when you go onwards to a higher grade, one of those things is that there is more work and the classes are harder in that grade level.Whether it is math, science, history, language arts, or your electives, there will be different types of work that will make that specific class harder or easier.For example math maybe harder from 7th to 8th grade since you learn a completely new topic.

Some people feel like some classes are harder than others and others may think that class is easy, it entirely depends on the type of stuff you like to do and it also depends on your strengths and weaknesses. Someone could be struggling with 8th-grade math in 8th grade and someone else could be doing pre-calculus in 8th grade. Like I said it all depends on what your weaknesses and fortes are.

The first thing that strikes about studying is knowledge gain. Studying gives us a knowledge of the world around us and changes it into something better. It develops in us a perspective of looking at life. It helps us build opinions and have points of view on things in life. Studying makes us capable of interpreting things, among other things. Even then, all that studying you may do for a subject may not help at all. You may just not understand the topic and or subject in general.There is no point in studying a subject that you can’t understand in the first, the right thing to do is to get help from a teacher or your parents.

“In my honest opinion, Gateway to Technology is my hardest class because it’s least like sports and I can’t seem to comprehend Gateway. It seems that Gateway to Technology is a great way to learn about engineering, but,] even then I’m a bit of a sports guy rather than someone who is a math prodigy. But, yeah Gateway to Technology is my hardest class so far,” Deven Booker (8) said.

Learning something new can be very hard and there can be key factors that make the class hard.Such as not liking the subject, not understanding it at all, maybe even the teacher doesn’t teach well enough. Even if you think that all your classes are easy now they are bound to get harder by high school and college.

“I think math is the hardest subject for me because it’s hard to learn something completely different and have to process it in such a short period of time. Learning math has always been easy for me, but this year it is completely different from what I was expecting,” Yashwanth Aravapalli (8) said.

According to research taking a foreign language and math are the hardest subjects to learn.But some people might find those easy and per say language arts hard.

“I think my hardest class is TAG Language Arts because when we write pieces it’s hard to write without criteria. For TAG we don’t get a rubric until we turn in the piece so it’s very hard to know what our teacher is expecting from us.She might want high school level vocabulary or the piece has to be 3 pages long.That’s why language arts is my hardest class,” Raghav Rangan (8) said.

Canyon Vista has introduced pre-AP US history for 8th graders and most say it’s the hardest class because you have to put in so much work and effort to study and memorize all the vocabulary and facts needed for that class.According to students the difference between normal US history and pre-AP US history is the types of work involved in each level. Pre-AP involves more thinking oriented work while US history involves more memorizing than pre-AP. Pre-AP US history is also very time consuming and some students just can’t afford to waste this much time on something.You might have to skip something like a class to do all this homework or you may have to stay up until 11 or 12 pm to do this certain homework which results in a lack of sleep.

“I think pre-AP US history is my hardest class because we have to put in so much effort to do the work and study for the test.It’s not like I don’t like doing work, it’s just that its too time consuming and I can’t afford to lose that much time,” Akaash Khurana (8) said.

Some people have different strengths and weaknesses which makes certain classes harder for them and certain easier. Different classes have different types of work and have certain amounts effort you have to put in them to do well. Whether it is math, science, history, language arts, or your electives, there will be different types of work that will make that specific class harder or easier.


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