Valentine’s Day, White Day, and Black Day

Erith Won, Reporter

Valentine’s Day is one of the most celebrated holidays in the world. It’s a wonderful holiday for you to express your love. Some people may think of this holiday as a way to promote chocolates and candy, but it’s been around for a really long time and is believed to have been started by the Romans, although many chocolate-producing companies do benefit from it.

In some Asian countries, Valentine’s Day is when the girls usually give chocolates or other gifts to the guys that they like. A month later, while people are celebrating Pi Day, it’s White Day for those Asian countries. This is where the guys give chocolates(usually white because of the name of the holiday) to the girls they like and to the ones that had given them chocolates on Valentine’s Day.

White Day began in Japan, in 1978. It was started by the NCIA (National Confectionery Industry Association) so that the boys could give back to the girls from Valentine’s Day. It then spread to other countries, like Korea and China.

Additionally, much to my surprise, there’s a Black Day. It’s an unofficial holiday that is celebrated in Korea, on April 14th, a month after White Day. On that day, singles celebrate by eating jjajangmyeon(짜장면/자장면), or black(hence the name ‘Black Day’) bean noodles, which is a Korean favorite.

It’s really nice to see the different holidays we have around the world. The Holi Festival in India and Kwanzaa in Africa are great examples of holidays from different cultures. You can look at all of the interesting holidays that people celebrate.


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