America’s Favorite Halloween Candy

Halloween candy. Photo by Victoria Chandler

Halloween candy. Photo by Victoria Chandler

Candy, it’s the best part of Halloween next to dressing up. At the end of the night, kids everywhere will have bags full of sweets, but obviously their favorites are what’s worth the hassle of trick-or-treating.

When deciding between grabbing a Hershey bar or Kit Kat©, Skittles© or Starbursts©, what do most kids choose when at their neighbor’s front door? “Honestly candy is like, my favorite thing ever. Usually I just grab every candy I can get my hands on, but if I had to choose it would be Snickers,” says 7th grader Amanda Skevofilax. Chocolate is the most popular candy of all time with chocolate companies making millions of dollars every Halloween. By far, Reese’s© is the most popular trick-or-treat candy in the entire United States, with an income of $509.85 million dollars. Halloween is the best time of the year for the industry, with Americans spending over three billion dollars on candy alone.

The two companies that dominate the Halloween industry are Hershey’s© and Mars©. Hershey’s© signature brands such as Reese’s©, Kit-Kat©, and regular Hershey’s© Milk Chocolate Bars have been growing in sales, but Mars’© M&M’s©, Snickers©, and 3 Musketeers© have been falling behind. Hershey© has been a consumer favorite since 1900, and is one of the oldest top-sellers. Mars’© sales have fell by nearly ten percent in the past year, whereas Hershey has gone up 22% in sales, but most Americans probably don’t mind which brand the chocolate is, as it’s all in the taste. This Halloween nearly 72% of Americans will be saying “Trick or treat give me something chocolate to eat.”

“I like Hershey milk chocolate bars. I just like the taste of simple everyday chocolate, and it’s great to get loads of it on Halloween,” said 8th grader Brianna Brown. Americans will always come crawling back to chocolate on Halloween. After all, there’s nothing like burying your face in a bag full of chocolate.