Fever 1793

Alexia Clamou, Reporter

All 7th grade ELA Classes are reading a book called Fever 1793 written by Laurie Halse Anderson. It is about the epidemic of 1793 which was yellow fever. Yellow fever is a disease where the victim has really high fevers that are around 103 degrees, black vomit and jaundice of the eyes and skin. The epidemic stroke in Philadelphia which is near the water which means there was a lot of mosquitoes which were the cause of the disease! There were many things that the “doctors”  back at that time thought were solutions like bloodletting for the virus to get out or making the victim drink a lot of poisons like mercury and other substances that would make you barf that way the virus could get out that way.

The 7th grade students went to the library to learn about the disease and 1973. They learn about the number of layers a women had to wear every day and about the toys the kids used to play with and they were nothing like the current toys kids use nowadays! We also got the opportunity to try some a replica of ginger biscuits and apple cider they used to consume which was awesome because it was delicious! Then to end up the activity we got a paper that said either healthy, sick but survivor or dead which there was only one of. They told us that most of the healthy people survived because they moved.

It was a really fun experience because we got to learn more about the book we are reading which makes it easier to understand and more fun to read!