Is it Better to Read the Book or Watch the Movie First?


Hannah McDonough, Editor

So many people wonder whether it’s better to read the book before you watch the movie and vice versa. There are advantages to both sides.

Read the Book First

If you’re a big reader like I am, you probably prefer to read the book first. Reading the book first allow you to picture whatever you want! If you watch the movie first, you can’t picture whatever you want. The movie image pops into your head. For me, that ruins the pleasure of reading the book. Books allow us to use our imagination, meanwhile, the movie forces you to see it the way the director sees it. Also, when you watch the movie first, you are less likely to read the book. The details the movie does not use can sometimes be the best parts in the book!

I saw a Wrinkle in Time in the movie theater and now, I don’t have any intentions of reading the book. I want to, but I can’t get myself to read it only because I have already watched the movie.

Watch the Movie First

If you watch the movie first, you aren’t going to know that it isn’t exactly like the book. You won’t notice the missing details. If you read the book first, seeing the movie is either going to be fantastic or a disappointment. The director either does great are horrible.

According to Quora, you are more likely to get pleasure out of the movie if you don’t read the book. If you watch the movie first, you aren’t going to want to say, “That’s incorrect,” Or, “Why is that different than the book?” Reading the book first can be somewhat like a spoiler. You know what it’s about. Sure, some details change. But you still get the main idea and that kind of spoils it.

So what should I do first – Read the Book or Watch the Movie?

Well… It all depends. Would you rather picture it how you want or see it in on a screen? Ask yourself this question and decide for yourself what you think is better. It also depends on the book. Some people think you should read Harry Potter before the movie and others agree that the movies are better because you can see it come to life in front of you. It’s all up to the book (or movie) and the person reading/watching the book/movie.