Ghost Book Review


Yoonjoo Oh, Reporter

Ghost is a book of Jason Reynolds’ Track series.


The main character Ghost‘s real name is Castle Cranshaw. He is a black kid that wants to run from his past, and suddenly, after the coach sees his natural talent, a sprinter of the track team called the ‘Defenders.’ This book shows a story of how Ghost becomes to run toward his dream.

Personal Review

I was shocked when Ghost told what kind of past he was running from. No wonder he is so aggressive and emotional; he just doesn’t want to reveal his not so pretty past to others. The setting of why Ghost runs makes the story run like so fast and fluent!  The story runs really fast, strongly showing Ghost and his friends; Patty, Sunny, and also Lu, a small gang of newbies, once a small kid, scared of who they are, now becomes a runner, breaking away from the fear that held them away too long. The story at first is slow, but when Ghost becomes one of the Defenders, the story speeds up fast and fires through. Then, when it approaches to reveal a mistake Ghost makes, it stops. But then, suddenly calm, but strong, it like marches to the end giving this feeling that it’s not the end.

The story gives two meaning of running. Running on the track, but running over the fear that pulls him away, that once was running from who he is. And it gives warmth. It tells that running from something is not easy. But running towards something isn’t easy too. Choosing what to run for, that’s what it means to run.

If there is someone that doesn’t know what and where he/she is running for, I really think you should read this book. This book could give you this feeling of like, healing too. It tells you that though there are so much hard things storming towards you, just remember that sometimes, you don’t have to look back, you could look back to remind yourself not to do the same mistake again, but not to regret about it. It will just hold you back from what is waiting for you in this world. I think is a really good theme.

Ghost, Lu, Patty, Sunny, ( and even Coach) all like have sad pasts they want to get over. And they all work and run as a team, running together, running for team, and running for their selves. I like what Jason Reynolds tells about these guys because they’re all running for someone or something, but in the same time, running for their dreams and running for their team.

Have you ever felt that feeling of friends or family running with you towards something as a goal? I think that’s good. I mean, I don’t think you should face something hard for you all by yourself. You could, but alone is something that cannot support you strongly facing that. Having someone or something that you love beside you, it could be your greatest strength.

This book makes me think about these things. Though all authors are amazing, I really think Jason Reynolds is amazing!

Not only I would have read this book so if you have your opinion, leave a comment! I’d love to hear other opinions and reviews. If you didn’t, I would really like to offer you to read this book. If you think the book Ghost is real fun, try the other books of the Track series; “Patina”, “Sunny”, “Lu”. They also tells a story of the Defenders, but in a view of Patty (real name is Patina), Sunny, and Lu.