Cinder Book Review


Yoonjoo Oh, Reporter

Cinder is the first book of The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. A world made from a combo of fairy tales and science fiction.


This book is about Cinder, a cyborg mechanic. When her life is suddenly wined with prince Kai, everything changes. A dark shadow looms over. Her stepsister and only human friend Peony gets affected by the plague, letumosis, spreading all across the country. So her stepmother, blaming Cinder for Peony’s illness, volunteers her for a cure research. But then Dr. Erland, a scientist searching for a cure, reveals a shocking truth that may change her life forever. Cinder has to carry this heavy truth on a dangerous path, facing an evil queen, and uncovering her past.

Personal Review

This book is amazing. I also came upon this book because my friend told me it was fun, and now after reading this book, I think she was absolutely right. This book has so much suspense, that drove me to read until the end.

That plague in the book was so haunting, which made me have a deep interest. The part of the moment Peony died was so sad. All the words the author used were so alive, I think that’s why I began to like feel the way the characters might feel. As the story runs on, a truth that the plague wasn’t just an accident was more interesting than ever. Because I was wondering, what kind of ingredient will the plague do to affect the flow of the story? so it was a total ‘whoa!’. Like, breathtaking. The story turns around corners quickly and always has an unexpected meaning or end for me to read. Realistic, it really feels like real!

It makes me itchy when thinking about what will come next. The truth about Cinder’s past was way bigger and extended than I thought. Also, in Cinderella, there’s a glass shoe that Cinderella lost, but in Cinder, there’s a cyborg foot Cinder lost!

Other Reviews

“Really good book, I’ll rate it 10 out of 10.” – Eesha S.

“Nice change from Cinderella. 9 out of 10”- Evlabia K.

If you read this book already, I’ll be great to have some more comments. If you didn’t, I’d really offer this book to read. After reading and you think it’s fun enough to read the next, read the other books of The Lunar Chronicles series; Scarlet, Cress, Winter, and also Stars Above, and Fairest.