Warriors: Into The Wild Book Review


Yoonjoo Oh, Reporter

Warriors series is a bestselling book series by Erin Hunter. It contains whole new world of…cats! Meet Rusty, a house cat who suddenly becomes a wild cat of the clans; and fights throughout the adventure, battle, loyalty, trust, and love. Into The Wild is the first book of the Warriors series.


Here’s the summary of the book(series); Rusty is a house cat; in the clan’s words, a kittypet. One day, after meeting clan cats in the woods, he decides to join the clan; and Thunder Clan gives him a new name “Firepaw”. But joining the clan is not easy; he gets bullied, ignored, and hated by cats with a reason that he was a kittypet. While he works hard to earn trust from the other cats, he suddenly discovers a horrible truth of a suspicious senior warrior, plotting against Thunder Clan. Firepaw needs to choose between right or wrong, and facing danger or keeping silence. Will Firepaw be able to uncover the truth to the clan, or get lost between the dangerous paths and plots?

Personal Review

This book made me read the whole series. First, you’ll be surprised by how the author wrote the ways of the cats; the way they talk, move, hunt, fight. Even the words used for is related to cats, making everything so alive! And then, the adventures are all so amazing! Things that can happen to the wild like drought, flood, pollution, etc. You can see it clearly how those thing affect the wild life. The author ties up those disasters with the plots in a knot; and that events creates this suspense as the story starts to reveal it’s self more and more. During all this, there’s also relationship; friendship, respect, and love. Warriors, I think, is a amazing fantasy. It’s just fantastic of looking into a wild cat world with cats with loyalty and great courage, just like humans. And Into the Wild is the gateway into that world. After reading this book I became to love cats. I would really want you to read this if you didn’t read it before.

Other Student Reviews

“I like that it has many real cat point of views, and that while it has funny parts, it has violent parts too.” – Simryn Jacob (7)

“Though it can be confusing since it has LOTS of names, I personally like it because it’s brilliant fantasy with a alive animal point of view.”   – Talia Philip(6)

“If you read it in the wrong order, it can be confusing, but I love the cool style of the book; it’s like from a cat point of view, and the words are so cat-like!” – Ishira Limaye(6)

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