Michael Vey Book 1 Prisoner of Cell 25 Review

Michael Vey Book 1 Prisoner of Cell 25 Review


If you enjoy coming home and reading a book then I highly recommend the Michael Vey series the suspense on each page the shocking turns this series is by far my favorite.

About the Book

The story follows Michael Vey, a teenager who is diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome and has the ability to pulse or surge electricity out of the palms of his hands and his friends. Ostin Liss Michael’s best friend and is considered a genius by everyone. Taylor Ridley Michal’s potential girlfriend her abilities are mainly attributed to electrical signals in the brain. These abilities include being able to “reboot” a person’s brain, making them forget what they were doing at that moment. She is also able to read people’s minds, with this ability being stronger if she is touching a person.

These two kids and many more have these abilities from a fluke machine that killed 40 babies. The survivors of the MEI fluke ended up with powers. The electric kids are called Glows. Michal, Taylor, and Ostin are the main protagonists they are all in a group called the  ElectroClan. In total there are ten members of the ElectroClan the number grows by the end of the series. The antagonists are an evil organization called the Elgen the leader of the organization is named Dr.Hatch. He has the rest of the electric kids he gives them everything they want but in return, he guilt trips them into using their gifts for his own pleasure.


I loved this series because of the twists and turns on each page. Every time I finished a book I felt that I needed to read the next and the next until I flipped the final page. The character’s adventures around the globe intrigue me. The only problem with reading this series is that the books make you impatient I think that a week of the book being on hold is the longest amount of time. If you want to get the first book ( which you do)  the link is where you can put it on hold. Also, the books weren’t to long each page had new input to the story. If you don’t like what I am describing I encourage you to read the first couple of chapters then make your decision. Don’t judge a book by a review made by a twelve-year-old.