Region Orchestra Concert 2018


The TMEA Region 26 Orchestra Auditions had taken place on Oct.12 to 13. Many of our Canyon Vista students had been chosen for region orchestra. Almost half of the entire region orchestra had been our school students alone. And this week, Dec.1, students selected for region orchestra are ready to play in front of the audience.

Even though it is a great honor, there may be pressure and fear coming with it too. So here’s some interview with the students selected for region orchestra;


Q. How do you feel about the region orchestra concert, and why?

“I think it’ll be a good learning experience, and it will help me grow musically.” -Zoe Segrest(8)

“I’m excited; since I practiced a lot for this concert.” -Sanjana Alluri(6)

“I feel prepared because I practiced a lot; and also excited since I’m in first violin.” -Yanjun Yang(8)

“Excited. Because I was chosen as one of the very few 6th-grade students, and to play in region orchestra.” -Raphael Wang(6)


Q. What’s your biggest fear or worry?

“I’m afraid of messing up.” -Zoe Segrest(8)

“I don’t think I have a worry, but since I’m sitting up front, I guess nervousness.” -Sanjana Alluri (6)

“Messing the whole music up and letting everyone down.” -Yanjun Yang (8)

“Arriving too late; I don’t want to get last chair or kicked out.” -Raphael Wang (6)


Q. Do you think you’re ready, and why?

“Relatively confident, because I practiced a lot for it.” -Zoe Segrest (8)

“Yes, since I practiced a lot, for a long time.” -Sanjana Alluri (6)

“I think yes because I practiced a lot.” -Yanjun Yang (8)

“Yes, because the music is simple. I guess I just have to get comfortable in it and play it faster.” -Raphael Wang (6)


Interviewed students:


Since the concert indeed is a big event, there’s lots of different thoughts going on for the students who are selected for region orchestra. If you want to come and see what the region orchestra students prepared for the concert, just remember that the concert is on Dec.1, this

Saturday 4 p.m. Also, high school orchestra is performing after the middle school orchestra (Full Orchestra and String Orchestra) concert, at 5 p.m.