Ballet Myths Busted


Everyone has seen or at least heard of ballet. It’s where girls get on their toes and dance around. And guys lift them and jump really high into the air. Many people I’ve talked to don’t know what it takes to become a ballerina. And so I have taken it upon myself to clear all the ballet myths.

1. Only girls do ballet

First off, I know what you are thinking about, girls dancing around in pink tutus on their toes. But, guys are the princes, the villains, the kings. It’s not uncool to be a guy in dance. Football players take ballet to get stronger and if you have ever seen a ballet you know that they can jump about 5 times taller than you can. Instead of weights, they lift people.

2. It’s all a fairy tale

It’s true some ballets are based around fairy tales but the more modern works and the contemporary ballets are sadder or even evil, and the audience can follow it. mostly even the fairy tales aren’t all happy. Have you seen swan lake? I feel like people think ballet is for old people, but really it’s for people that actually try to watch and understand the effortless beauty that ballet is.

3. Ballet is boring

Well, this is more of an opinion thing. But I believe that there is a ballet for everyone. There are more dark, scary ( if you will ballet.) There is a sad, make you cry in your seat ballet. There are traditional ballets. And then there is ballets about gods, dying, or even magic. I think someone who doesn’t like ballet either:

  1.  Has never watched ballet
  2. Was two when they did
  3. Or hasn’t found the right one

4. Ballet dancers are unhealthy

OK so for this one, it’s not that dancers are unhealthy it’s that the world of ballet is competitive and extremely harsh. In ballet, it’s the norm to hear the ballet teacher say that you need to be stronger, skinnier, better. But for most dancers, we are actually very healthy. Especially professionals. They have to keep their bodies in good condition because that’s their instrument.