Book Review: What If


The book “What If” is a good favorite of mine. Not only does it hold a great sense of humor, it actually teaches you things that are interesting and helpful to know. It answers (absurd) scientific questions that people have submitted onto Randall Munroe – the author’s – website.

Some of the questions asked make you wonder about if they were really possible, and that factor keeps you locked in – you never want to stop. Now, I know what you are thinking, scientific learning? Even with humor that must be so boring – but that’s just the thing – it’s not. See, when you open this treasure of a book, as you stare at the cover, you start to think. Because the questions in the table of contents are so absurd and confusing, it makes you want to read more. This book draws out the curiosity inside you that you didn’t even know you had.

Some of the questions in the book of “What If”:

If everyone stayed away from each other for a couple of weeks, wouldn’t the common flu go extinct?

What are the chances  – that if you call a random number and say ‘God Bless You’- the person who picks up has just sneezed?

If a bullet the same density as a neutron star were fired out of a handgun, what would happen?

What is the maximum speed that a human can drive over a speed bump and live? (You would be surprised)


If any one of these questions really made you think, go buy the book! This book has made me laugh and come up with questions of my own, and if you have some really good questions, you can even go to Canyon Echoes and submit your very own questions into our new What If Inbox. Maybe you can even go and research your questions yourself. Either way, I hope you read this mind blowing humorous book, because if you don’t – it’s your loss. I hope this review helped and inspired you, and thank you for reading.