The Wonders of The Human

The Wonders of The Human

We aren’t what we used to be, that’s for sure. Our refelxes have dulled, and our skills lost to time. While humans are quite fragile, think about all the amazing wonders of the human body. From Walking to breathing, the systems are so in depth it’s hard to believe.

We have regenerative body parts.

Our skin can grow back in weeks. Our bones, months. Human’s cells can regrow, making a scratch something to brush off. When old cells die or get killed, our body automatically replaces them as fast as possible. Our blood also clots, making scabs so your wound will become closed so your cells have time to grow. Most living things have this quality, but it never ceases to amaze.

We are bipedal (we can walk on two feet)

This gives us tons of advantages, like running for a longer amount of time, and allowing us to reach for things that would be above our reach if we didn’t evolve to be bipedal. In some cases it can allow us to run faster, and be taller than another aniaml, in case we find ourselves in a fight or flight situatation (read more on that in my other article Fight vs. Flight (the link is down below))

We Have Vocal Chords

We are one of the few living thigns on Earth that comunicate between each other. This gives us a major advantage, not only in survival, but civilization. Much like dolphins and birds, we warn each other when danger is around, or communicate where to get food, or the best tactic of hunting to use. There is one bird that mimics other bird warnings, so to alarm the other birds, and then scavenges on their food. Humans can also use communiction to share stories between each other, which is extremely important because it tells morals, and the basics of what to do and what not to do, which increases our survival rate.

We have Good Memory, Problem Solving, and Logic skills.

This allows us to remeber where the trails of deer were, or how that last hunt went. If we need light, we can figure out how to make fire, and if a lion goes out to hunt at eight sharp, we know that we can scavenge some of its food, right after. This enables us to have cognitive skills more advanced than any other species, or at least – for a long time – that’s what we thought. Research studies including Dolphins and Elephants, Chimpanzees and Birds have evidence that they were able to solve problems, and even learn English and Math.

We Have Eyesight

You may be thinking, well all animals have eyesight, but I can tell you, none quite as intricate as ours. Felines may have nightvision, and Bats may have echolocation, but Humans, we have three photoreceptors in our eyes. Red, Green, and Blue. These colors adjust depending on what you’re looking at. If you are looking at purple, the red and blue photoreceptors open more so you are able to see the color purple. Many animals don’t have this quality. The human eye also has a pupil, so the brain can open it up so just the right amount of light can come into our eyes. We continue to send mulitple signals back and forth from the eyes to the brain, to help us adjust our pupils, photoreceptors, and more.

As you can see, the human body has mulitple systems to defend, and enlighten us. I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and that you’ll check out of our other articles at the Canyon Echoes Homepage.

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