Which One Is a Better Instinct? Fight vs. Flight

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Which One Is a Better Instinct? Fight vs. Flight

June Jung, Reporter

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All humans have an instinct against fear. Some are ready to battle to the death, while others are prepared to run for their lives. Either way works, but, which is better?

Fear is the thing that drives us, the thing that tells us not to go jump off cliffs, but only some of us can ignore it, push it out of our way, and end up just doing it.

There was an experiment held in 2016 by a TV show called Brain Games, to see how many people were ready to fight and how many would run. A person dressed as a statue would attack people standing nearby. Some would put their fists up but most would scream or jump away.

The Probability

Let’s look at the facts. If you were to run away, you could either, A. Run away quickly and live, or B. Run away slowly and die. If you were to fight off the threat, you might either A. Successfully win the fight and kill the threat, or B. Die a slow painful death of defeat as the animal eats you. What would you do? Most people when asked this question, say that they would most likely fight, but it this true? When put to the test, the group of subjects that said they would run most of them did except for two people who had killer instincts, and the second group of subjects that said they would fight, ran except for one girl. So, what does this tell us?

Run for it

Modern-day humans want to make themselves look appealing to other people, and be honest, who hasn’t told a little lie to make yourself look better. This is what is happening when Brain Games asked group two if they were to run or fight, except here the subjects didn’t even know they were lying. Because more people have the flight instinct to run away, it is probably because it is more effective, this instinct can help you even if you don’t know it. Instincts are necessary to our survival even in a modern day world.