Why Disney is Removing All Their Movies from Netflix


Disney is removing all their content from Netflix and other streaming services because they are starting their own streaming network.

Not only is Disney streaming their own movies, but also live sports from ESPN. The system will be launched in 2019 with movies like Toy Story 4 and the Frozen sequel.

This new entertainment company will not only show Disney movies but Disney Channel, Disney Jr and Disney XD. Disney is helping ESPN to launch their own sport service that will be screening multiple sports like baseball, hockey, soccer games, tennis matches and college sports. They will not be screening pro football or basketball, at least not yet.

Netflix and Disney been partners since 2012 and Disney is a part of why Netflix became so popular. Netflix is still going to include the new Marvel shows that Disney and Netflix collaborated on. For people to use their services Disney is buying a majority ownership of BAM tech that will help start a streaming service like Netflix and Hulu.

I don’t know about you but I am excited for the new Disney entertainment company.