Interviewing Mr. MaCuk: His Last Year at CVMS

Mr. MaCuk is leaving CVMS, but he will be remembered and missed by many.

Mr. MaCuk is a well-known teacher here are Canyon Vista Middle School. He has taught more than one class, but he focuses on the history and social studies part of education. Mr. MaCuk has taught all grades, including World Cultures in 6th grade, Texas History in 7th grade, and U.S. History in 8th grade. He has had a long and successful teaching career, but Mr. MaCuk has decided to leave CVMS due to various reasons. All his students are sad to see him go, but we will remember him as a fun and generous teacher and wish him luck wherever he goes.

How long have you been teaching?

I’ve spent nine years here at CVMS. Altogether, I’ve spent 18 years teaching, and half of it was here.

What’s your favorite thing about teaching?

It’s just meeting with all the kids. It’s really awesome. The kids are definitely the best part.

What’s the most important thing you learned or experienced?

We’re supposed to be teachers, but we learn a lot from the kids. We learn a lot about life and subject matter, and that part is fun.

Do you have any advice you’d give a new teacher?

I would say, just to mostly HAVE FUN. As I said before, getting to know the kids is the best part. Sometimes grading can be boring, and some teachers have long drives to get to school, but once the school day starts, it’s really fun. Sometimes I act kind of grouchy, but I’m actually really enjoying my time with you all.

How do you feel about leaving Canyon Vista?

I’m just…sad, I guess. I’m going to miss the kids a lot. It’s really fun when kids come back from Westwood and visit, and I get to see how they’re doing and everything. Definitely going to miss the kids, but it’s at a point where I’m driving really far every day, so I’m going to try to get a job closer to home.

What’s in the future? Do you still plan on teaching?

I’m planning on finding a job closer to Taylor, which is where I live. I’m just going to see. I’m not a hundred percent sure, but I’m probably going to do something in education, or a school district. It’s possible that I may be teaching, but I have a few different options, and I can’t really say right now. I have to go for interviews, and other things like that as well.

Do you have a quote or saying that represents you as a teacher?

“Always put the students first, ensuring their safety, and have fun with them. That’s the best part.” – K. MaCuk

And that’s all. I hope Mr. MaCuk finds a good job close to his home and is happy with it. I’m sure I speak for a lot of other students as well. Canyon Vista won’t be the same without this teacher drifting from classroom to classroom and working in his closet-turned-office, but everyone appreciates what you’ve done for us, Mr. MaCuk!


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