Ms. Sutton – ELA Teacher

Ms. Sutton is an ELA teacher finishing up her first year at Canyon Vista. She is a teacher beloved by all who cares about her students and what they’re struggling with. She believes in supporting your students as much as they do you, and always finds a way to include fun and laughter into her lessons. 

Sutton has a certain reward system that she applies in classes to encourage her students to follow our schools core values. Everyday she awards someone with the title “Star Student”. She picks this student by seeing if they have been following rules, doing what they’re told, respecting ISR (Independant Silent Reading) times, and doing their assigned work correctly and on time. Sutton also develops relationships with her students to gain a certain level of understanding of their personal lives so if they are having trouble with something she will understand and accept late work.

While teaching Ms..Sutton’s class likes to joke around and make her and the rest of the class have a good laugh. For example Suttons 8th period (of 8th graders) bought Sutton Christmas presents, little did she know it was giant candy bars. 

“They thought it would be really really funny if they like, went to target, and bought those like giant candy bars, like the huge ones, i mean the ones that have like 20 candies in them, like huge, uhm, and so they went and they bought like two of them, and they wrapped them, and delivered it to me, like before school, and they thought it was just so funny” Ms. Sutton (ELA Teacher) says.

Another great example is the never ending snacking a seventh grader did in the classroom. One student was enjoying what Sutton thought was a “light snack” but ended up being his entire lunch. 

“One of my kids for some reason had like a million snacks like so many, and i kept walking over and he kept eating a new one, like and it was just weird, and these kids who were like friends with him would come over and they’d be like “now he’s doing this thing and he’s still doing his work!” and i was like “what’d you have for lunch?” and he was like “my lunch?” and somehow still kept, like, so much food.”

Jokes aside, how did Ms. Sutton come to be an English teacher? Sutton started off as a camp counselor for middle schoolers, and discovered her love for teaching. She had already gotten her degree as an english major, so she started teaching assistant in Europe for a year.

“I always wanted to be an English major, I always wanted to do that, but I didn’t really know what to do with that, you know? But my grandparents were both teachers, my dads a teacher and my aunts a teacher, so a lot of my life I talked to my grandparents about it and they thought it would be a really good idea and I really like working with kids.”