Are Beauty Pageants Doing More Good Than Harm


Sharanya Karanam, Reporter

Beauty pageants have been going on for a long time. Actually, the first one was in Belgium 1854.

Every year the world has a Miss World and a Miss Universe, but are these pageants bad. Maybe these pageants make some people feel superior to others or even the other way around.

Children may follow the beauty queen as a role model instead of actually being themselves. Also, children pageants mean that children need to be skinny, which usually means not eating many types of food, which is not healthy for young girls who need nutrients from different types of food. Beauty pageants are also extremely stressful and why should young children be put so much pressure while they still are young. 

Everyone is beautiful in their own way and why do some people get to be praised because of it. Although beauty pageant can be a bad thing they can also be a good thing too. Some girls compete to get scholarship money for college and their skills are put to a test to see if they are prepared in life.

Beauty pageants also promote fitness and discipline since you have to look fit and be professional when it comes to beauty pageants. Pageants also require a talent to participate so young children can express themselves through talents, which is a helpful tool when older.

Pageants are proof that we are people. People are beautiful in many different ways and pageants are ways to acknowledge that. If anyone has watched Miss America they always ask the contestants a question that is related to the real world. Each contestant eventually answers in a long-winded opinion that proves to men that women also have strong opinions and understand real-world problems.

In my opinion, I think that Beauty Pageants still stand strong and prove that women are more than just beauty and gossip.