Should Middle Schoolers Be Drug Tested?


Athletes in high school have to submit urine samples to check if they are doing drugs before they can start athletics and get athletic scholarships. Although high schoolers are being drug tested, middle school students aren’t and although many schools advise students not to take drugs some do and they even start in middle school. Middle school drug testing is a good idea since some kids start at a young age and if schools could detect those kids they could get help and the other students around them would be safe.

How would kids feel if they knew that there were students in their school taking drugs and there is no one to stop it? Having kids drug tested in middle school means that if the student is found taking drugs then we can stop it at an early age. When the student gets older it is harder to stop a bad habit and if you could stop it now while the student is young it won’t be hurting them for the rest of their lives. Kids in middle school also get influenced easier due to peer pressure. Since friends are so important during the middle school years kids will do whatever they can to fit in even if it is to take drugs which become an addiction.

We need more attention focus on these problems it should be a required class for students to take since some of them will never learn what a drug is or they will never learn why drugs are so bad. Middle schoolers being tested for drugs can help decrease the amounts of drugs taken and can decrease the amounts of humans that die from drug overdose. I think that getting students drug tested is a good idea because we can help so many people starting from a young age.